A new year for new opportunities and new goals, we reflect back on the 2021 season which proved to be a year of many battles, but also a year of greatness, in which the team finished in a top four position in our debut season.

The season came to a close and JVW bid farewell to Coach Ciara Picco, who has been with the #BlueDiamonds for five years, as she ventures onto a new journey in the UK.

This then brings the club to welcome Coach Mahama Musah Arthur, who will predominantely be known to many as Coach Arthur.

A coach of great stature and profound coaching abilities, he enters the club with a checklist of goals set and a drive to tick every one of those off.

Let’s get to know Coach Arthur and where it all started: 

1. Welcome to the Blue Diamond Family, Here’s a chance to introduce yourself

My name is Mahama Musah Arthur, I’m a Ghanaian by origin but now live in South Africa permanently and I’m a proud father to two beautiful children.
I’m a CAF A licensed Coach and have been in football since I arrived in South Africa in 2005. I started off as a referee but was not lucky enough to ref at a higher level, hence my decision to get into coaching. It has been an amazing journey, so far, and look forward to what else is to come.. I have met many incredible South African coaches and instructors and thanks to them, I am where I am today. I will always be grateful to the South African Coaching education system through SAFA for the opportunity given me to complete my badges.   

2. What was it that lead you to coaching?

It was when I was not lucky enough to ref at a higher level , I then decided to go into coaching since I had the love for it too. I was a registered member of the Soweto referees Association, one of the most incredible and strong referees Association in the Country and of course which has produced a lot of top quality referees in various leagues in the country and are still producing more young referees to come through the ranks.    

3.What are the goals you have set for yourself as the first team coach? 

JVW is one of the top brands of women football in the country and it is only fair that they continue to rise up and compete to win silverware. My goal for the team is to have a strong mentality keeping in line with their identity and go out there week in week out to play good football and compete for 3 points in every game that we play. Of course, I want to add to the club being a force in the game not only in South Africa, but in Africa Africa. It excites me that they have the young talent able to be produced at the club, and given an opportunity to be seen for the First team.  

4. What can we expect in the 2022 season?

The goal is the same for all teams, to compete at the best of our potential, always looking for a top place finish, with the opportunity to qualify for the CAF women’s champions league.   

5. What is your leadership and coaching philosophy? 

I believe that hard work, discipline, team work, willingness to learn and staying focused in both trainings and matches is crucial for success. My aim is to obviously get everyone focused on the task at hand, which is to put up a good showing in the league. I like to create competition style training, but always with fairness amongst the players in the team.

6. How will you keep the players motivated and the group morale up? 

Football is all about happiness, enjoyment and belief. I want to give the players a chance to go out and express themselves in more competitive manner, I believe that nothing in football especially at the top level gives more joy, happiness and good team spirit than winning your games so we’re always going to work towards a winning mentality which could put us a step ahead.

7. What are your goals and expectations for the first team?

Most importantly, I trust the players and the management, and of course I will build that trust between the team and myself too. We have a really good group of players who all have one common goal, and that is to always be at your best. We are in a working progress, and I believe we have what it takes to look for a top finish spot.

”On that note, I would like to thank the team, the management and the club for welcoming me and believing in me. Together we will continue to build. I believe in team work at all times, and we are a team together with one common goal.”

©Irwin Hackner/Visualphotography

Coach Arthur joins the Blue Diamonds at the start of the 2022 Hollywoodbest Super League season, and we would like to wish Coach Arthur a great season ahead and we look forward to an exciting 2022.