JVW School League opens registration

The JVW Girls School League has expanded its horizons tremendously. Initially starting with 12 teams in 2012, the league now hosts more than 100 school teams after celebrating its 5th successful year in 2016. Every year the competition is somewhat unpredictable as schools tend to gain and lose players, which makes for highly-anticipated seasons. The […]

JVW Football Club receives a 2-year Mitre ball partnership

JVW Football Club are recipients of a 2-year Mitre ball partnership encompassing the Clubs and all youth divisions. The deal will see the SASOL Gauteng champions and national runners-up playing with the Mitre Relay ball which is a tough foam backed thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), soft but durable ball. The popular Mitre brand, established in 1817 […]

Van Wyk to leave South Africa to pursue her football career in the United States

As Janine leaves South Africa to pursue her football career in the United States, we look back at her successful career to date, and the mark she leaves behind in her quest to conquer her dreams. Van Wyk started playing football at a very young age, and joined a boys club in Germiston. Coming from […]

JvW’s Journey to the Final

After coming out of a difficult stream in Gauteng, JvW had a successful season off the back of determination and desire that resulted in many victories that were merely dreams four years ago. The Sasol Team topped their stream and went on to be crowned Gauteng Champions which set them on their road to Sasol […]