JVW FC and UWC introduced to digital sports

Hollywoodbets Super League teams JVW FC and UWC were introduced to digital sports at the ATK Arena in Claremont. This followed the Hollywoodbets Super League clash between the duo the day before, which saw the Blue Diamonds go down 2-0 at the UWC Stadium.

JVW FC together with ATK hosted UWC, where their staff and players were able to battle it out on different consoles. Broadening the scope by being shown a new sporting experience, may well be the next big thing for female athletes.

ATK is a leading professional Esports organisation that represents the best Esports talent across multiple titles in South Africa. Recognised both locally and internationally, ATK is a gaming giant that houses teams, hosts tournaments, and runs premium gaming locations, designed to offer a professional gaming experience. 


Esports, a video game concept, has taken the world by storm. It is run as organised, multiplayer competitions, particularly between individuals or as teams. This electronic gaming environment has created an experience similar to that of the familiar sporting world, where spectators and fans flog in numbers to stadiums and arenas to support their favourite athlete or team. 

The Battle of the Blues saw the two teams play competitively against each other, both on and off the pitch. This created an exciting hype for a well planned weekend. The teams were introduced to the digital sporting environment, through ATK, is set to spark an interest amongst footballers, who are able to take part in both codes simultaneously. 

JVW FC players Gabriela Salgado and Tiisang Leseyane playing Esports
Gabriela Salgado and Tiisang Leseyane playing Esports

The players and staff were split into teams to compete against each other in FIFA and Sim racing. Free play gaming was also available, which included Rocket League and Fortnite. 

Amanda Dlamini, a former Blue Diamond player and recently acquired partner, was a guest at the event. She of course added flair to the function, sporting the a9d brand, and adding commentary to the action. 

The Head coaches of both teams put their tactics to the test, and raced to the finish line to end off the action packed day.

Esport winners for the day: 

Nokwazi Mnomiya (JVW FC) – Sim Racing 

Sibulele Holweni (UWC) – FIFA

Mitch Stevens (JVW FC) – Sim Racing 

Esports’ has created another exciting competitive edge. It has attracted huge audiences, big payout pots, and sponsorships that enable elite players to transform their passions into careers. If you dream of becoming a professional gamer, you must familiarize yourself with the top paying games. Grab a controller, put in some practice hours and enter a tournament to compete in top esports titles.