JVW Football Club has been on the move and what better way forward than to align the Club with a Global Sports Consultancy to help student-athletes find the perfect university placement in the USA, Canada and the UK.

BRUSA works with all levels of sportsmen and women in finding their fit both on the sports field and in the classroom.

Making the total experience enjoyable from start to finish, BRUSA allows players to concentrate on their sports and academics, while they do the rest. The Sports Consultancy works with players from start to finish, including scholarship negotiation, SAT preparation, Embassy preparation, flight and college setup as well as continual support whilst abroad and so much more.

Director of BRUSA, Michael Michailidis has been in the business for well over 8 years, so he knows how to make sure players are going to be able to select the perfect university for each individual. Michailidis also played football in South Africa for years, so he knows our football well, which makes this process even smoother.

“ Having seen JVW Football Club grow from the ground up and seeing the hard work that has been put into the program getting it to where it is now, it certainly is one of the most decorated and prestigious girls academies not only in South Africa but Africa as a whole. It is a privilege to work with the JVW team and we ensure that we can assist their players with their futures both on the sports field and in the classroom. We know that the players from JVW come to us as the whole package and we know that the coaches globally feel the same.” – Michailidis

Studying and playing soccer in the American Collegiate system helps you as a footballer to keep playing at a top-level while gaining a globally recognised degree. No matter what your field of study, there is a university for you and this is the perfect platform for you as a footballer to make sure you are challenged. 

BRUSA Sports has helped hundreds of footballers from around the globe find a good-fit university in the USA for both their academic and footballing futures. This partnership with JVW Football Club aims to provide even more opportunities to players within their club structure by giving them an additional pathway after high school around the globe.

BRUSA has already placed JVW Senior Team player Cayla Goncalves, with Kayla Nunes and Nicola Schulz joining shortly after.

“This is definitely one of the areas that we need to focus on, and by assisting our players with the future of their careers in football, we are now able to offer our players an even bigger platform to achieve their dreams. We have seen many players go on to Universities overseas, where they can study whilst still playing high level football. This gives us the opportunity to work closely with BRUSA and make sure that the JVW players are being signed to Universities where they are able to flourish. It is an exciting future for players looking for Scholarship opportunities.” – JVW Founder Janine Van Wyk