For many sporting codes, lockdown has halted most of their activities.

Wearing masks and social distancing has forced everyone to adapt to the new normal, and has left football players, managers, administrators and all involved in football activities wondering when the grand return to amateur football will be.

The downtime has allowed for creating a virtual space where we can still operate, by keeping the communication rolling and information streaming in.

FIFA and SAFA accredited referee instructors Johnny Du Toit and Paulo Marques, together with the JVW Girls Football Development program, and under the auspices of the Eastern Local Football Association, coordinated an online Referee course for the members of the Program, players and JVW School League coaches alike. This was a great way to obtain valuable knowledge of the game while sitting in the comfort of your own home.

“As instructors, our main aim is to develop female referees from grassroots level, and assist them on their journey to go on and officiate on the International stage. There is a shortage of female referee’s in South Africa and we are working hard to get more women involved” – Du Toit

“Paulo and I work together to train and develop referees on and off the field of play, and with the help of Derek Hanson, the Physical coach, we ensure they are technically and physically trained at a higher level to develop further in the sport”

Everyone knows, whether it be in the sporting, cultural or corporate world, adaptability is a key factor to the secret of survival.

Fourteen JVW Players, as well as Coaches in the JVW Girls Schools League took part in the online course, with upcoming practical sessions soon to be arranged when football returns.

“Our aim remains to continue to encourage the participation of women in football, and in turn raise the game. Although the course was open to all members, as well as the public, it is inspiring that more and more women are taking part to broaden their knowledge of the game, and hopefully go on to become Match officials in the near future.” Project Manager Indira Albuquerque

Due to matters out of our control, the online course which was due to be held in July was moved to take place this Saturday the 12th September 2020.

If you would like to be part of the upcoming referee course, send an email to info@jvw5.co.za

Together we can change, adapt and grow.