“From new beginnings, come great things.” – Chinese Proverb.

JVW football club is set to embark in calling a new facility home. 

Jeppe Quondam, situated just a few 100 metres away from our previous grounds, will be the new home of JVW FC.

“We are so excited to create a new female football environment at Jeppe Quondam, and will be a great start to 2021. The lockdown has kept us away from football but the return will be euphoric.” – Janine Van Wyk, JVW Founder

The move came into effect when Bedfordview Country Club, JVW’s previous facility, did not renew their contract, and gave 2 months notice for the Elite club to find new fields.

Jeppe Quondam has a history of football teams using their facilities in the past, but will be a first to host a women’s club.

“JVW FC will bring about a fresh and exhilarating atmosphere to Jeppe. We were under immense pressure to secure a new ground before we returned to the fields, and we are excited that we are still within the scope of the Edenvale/Bedfordview area.”

“Change is inevitable, but it’s one of the main ingredients for growth and success . We would like to thank Jeppe Quondam, Loreen Lamb and Bob Huntington for being so welcoming and accommodating, and we cannot wait to start our new chapter there.” Van Wyk

JVW Football Club will commence training on Tuesday 3 November 2020, at their new premises.

For information, contact info@jvw5.co.za