We sit with 2019 signing Robyn Moodaly, who has brought in with her some US Collegiate Flair and experience and has been a crucial part of the team’s progress this year, adding value in the middle of the park for JVW since the start of the season. Moodaly who was part of the JVW FC first team before heading off to spend a few years in the USA, has settled in well and is looking to make a name for herself on South African soil as well as the International stage.

Robyn Moodaly in action

JVW:You’ve been back a couple of months and back to the South African playing style, what are the differences you feel playing here compared to the U.S?

R.M: The ability to express ourselves on the ball in South Africa is something that I really admire, I have enjoyed playing the possession game instead of Leary’s going direct.

JVW:Where do you see yourself in the next 2 years?

R.M: Playing in a professional league and being at my peak, also working towards getting my coaching license.

JVW:When not playing football….?

R.M: During my spare time I enjoy finding new music on Spotify , and spending time with family and friends.

JVW:What advice do you have for young female football players in South Africa?

R.M: Don’t dwell on disappointments or view unfortunate events as regrets. But rather, see them as opportunities and enjoy every single part of the games.

JVW:If you could say anything, What would you say to your 10-year old self?

R.M: You can doubt some things about yourself, but never forget what you really want to be in a few years. Do everything in your power to make it possible.

JVW:Now for some fun ones…Hot or Cold? Hot
Chicken or Beef? Chicken
Tennis or Athletics? Athletics
Blue or Red? Red
Man Utd or Man City? Liverpool
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
If not a footballer? A Chef
Favourite Teammate? Gaby (Salgado)
Loudest Teammate? Yooks (GK, Yolula Tsawe)
Funniest Teammate? Mpumi (Nompumelelo Nyandeni)

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